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Homemade sports nutrition – electrolyte drink

July 5, 2017

Sports nutrition products have become huge business over the past few years and there is no doubt these products have played a part in many great performances. But if you prefer to be a bit more self-sufficient or simply like to experiment in the kitchen, then how about making your own?

In this hot weather it is especially important to stay hydrated and take on enough nutrients, so following the popularity of our first recipe (missed it? Click here for the Energy Bomb recipe) we asked Cycle Training company Njinga Cycling for a sports drink recipe. Our verdict? Great taste, easy to make and we loved having the ability to adjust the recipe to our taste.


Natural Electrolyte Sports Drink


·       1 lemon

·        2 cups (250ml) coconut water

·       1 tbsp agave syrup

·        1/2 tbsp grated fresh ginger

·        Sea salt to taste


1.     squeeze juice of lemon into blender

2.     Add coconut water, agave nectar, ginger and sea salt

3.     Blend together – you can add water to dilute if this is too strong for your activity

Note: This natural electrolyte sports drink can keep refrigerated for up to 2 weeks.

Leigh Rogers of Njinga says,

“Coconut water is the base for this drink, used by the Brazilian soccer team for decades, it is rich in electrolytes so helps replenish those vital salts lost in sweat. Agave nectar delivers an easily digestible form of slow release carbohydrate, while the ginger is a great anti inflammatory”

Sportsister’s Danielle tried this recipe on her recent #rapha100 ride,

“I took a 750ml bottle of it [the natural sports drink] as well as a bottle of water on my ride. It was a really hot, long ride, so when I stopped to refill my water I also diluted the remaining sports drink as I knew I would need the extra hydration. It worked brilliantly and tasted really fresh and light – the ginger was great because it continued to infuse the added water.

I have a tendency to get really depleted, so I take nutrition really seriously (no one wants to crash and burn 20 miles from home) but this recipe worked well for me. The only downside is the initial cost of the ingredients, but the ginger and syrup will do for several more bottles”.

Sportsister, The Women’s Sports Magazine


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