09 December 2022

2017 Women’s Golf Day (WGD), a record-breaking success

June 14, 2017

The 2017 Women’s Golf Day (WGD) was a record-breaking success, with a social media presence fueled by its #womensgolfday campaign, contributing to the visibilty of this worldwide golf engagement initiative. WGD’s hashtag #womensgolfday received more than 15 million impressions to nearly 10 million users across Twitter and Instagram.

WGD took place on June 6 in more than 704 venues spanning 46 countries to celebrate girls and women playing golf and learning the skills that last a lifetime. WGD has grown exponentially, 68%, since its launch in 2016. Golf courses, driving ranges, and retail locations around the globe hosted WGD events where women and girls took part in a four-hour experience involving two hours of golf and two hours of socializing and networking.

WGD founder Elisa Gaudet commented, “For a while, the golf industry had been looking at ways to engage women. I am elated and proud that this one day, international event has introduced thousands of new female golfers to the sport and further impassioned existing golfers while transcending language, culture, religion, and race, to celebrate golf, women, and community,”

She added, “Our grassroots movement effectively leveraged old-style industry relationships with modern technology, reaching millions of people and engaging them in golf worldwide.”

“In my 37 years in the golf industry, I have seen very few initiatives so effectively generate interest and enthusiasm among women and girls as Women’s Golf Day has these past two years,” says Steve Mona, CEO of the World Golf Foundation. “It has rapidly become a global movement, where women are coming together, not only to take up our sport, but to network and enjoy the social benefits associated with our game.”

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