07 December 2022

Run For A Cause: Finding Local Events That Give Back

April 11, 2017

Do you feel like every time you look at a race calendar the options have doubled? Racing events have grown significantly in popularity over the last decade with large events like the Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon series adding more locations, however if you prefer something a little more low-key and crucially cheaper and easier to get to, then take a look a some of the new, smaller local events forming every day.

The high level of competition for race entries means that these local races are stepping up their game when it comes to the overall experience. Think: training groups, pre-and-post race events, and collaborations with other local companies. There are also plenty of benefits for racers when it comes to keeping it local.

  1. It makes for an easier PB. You can sleep in your own bed, eat foods you’re familiar with, and try the course before race day. Also, with fewer people in the race, you won’t need to weave in and out so much.

  2. Better support. Keeping it local means your friends and loved ones can be there to give you any push you need, then celebrate your victory with you.

  3. More economical. The entry fee is likely to be lower than a larger race and you can save on travel expenses. Plus, the money that you do spend will go right into your local economy.


Since they tend to have a smaller marketing budget, local events may not get as much press. So where do you keep an eye out to make sure you’re not missing out on the ones near you?

  • The events section on Facebook is a great place to look for community fitness classes and small, local charity races.

  • Your local running store may have an online calendar or in-store bulletin board that lists events/races in your area.

  • Eventbrite provides resources for nonprofit fundraising, so many event organizers use their service to list their races and events.

  • The events tab on Eventbrite site also lists upcoming events and event reviews – search by your location and time frame and away you go!

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