24 January 2022

YoRow: Lia Ditton to attempt solo pacific row

September 21, 2016

Departing from Choshi in Japan, a peninsula 130km due east of Tokyo, in May 2017, Lia Ditton will aim to row some 5,500 nautical miles across the Pacific Ocean to San Francisco in California. The journey is expected to take between 4 to 6 months to complete and if she makes’s it, Lia’s journey will make her the 3rd solo rower and the 1st woman to row solo across the Pacific Ocean.


Lia is well-placed for a successful journey having sailed 150,000 nautical miles – the equivalent of 8 laps of the globe – crossed the Pacific 3 times, the Indian Ocean twice and the Atlantic 9 times, of which 3 times she raced across alone. Lia is also the 53rd woman to row the Atlantic and the 64th woman to row any ocean.


In the run up to her journey, Lia will undertake intense physical training and row off the coast of San Francisco in preparation. The journey itself will be very strenuous and it is predicted that Lia will burn over 4000 calories a day; in order to maintain strength, she will pack 720 dehydrated meals (6 months’ worth of food) into her 21ft long boat.


Lia will be supported by SimonWoodroffe and YO! and said,

“I hope that in the process I raise awareness and inspire a generation of women to be active, get outdoors and dream BIG!”

Simon Woodroffe, Founder of YO! commented:

“It will be a difficult journey – some say harder than climbing Mount Everest – but we are working closely with Lia to ensure she is prepared. We are helping her update her rowboat with the latest technology and the necessary safety equipment to make sure she has the support needed to succeed.”

To follow and support Lia, visit www.yorow.org.

Danielle Sellwood, Sportsister
The Women’s Sports Magazine




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