15 June 2021

Golf: Rebecca McGinley third in World Long Drive Championship

October 22, 2015

Wearside golf professional, Rebecca McGinley put the U.K. firmly on the women’s Long Driving map last night with a third place finish in the World Championships. Rebecca’s feat is made all the more incredible by the fact that the World Championships was only her second ever long drive event after she won the trip to the finals with victory at the American Golf Long Drive Championships.


“It’s an amazing feeling to have come this far in World Championships,” commented Rebecca. “It was only May when I had a go at qualifying at the Gateshead American Golf store and now I’m the American Golf Champion and officially the third best Women’s Long Driver in the world! I’ve had an amazing time and am so grateful to have had the opportunity to show what I can do.”

Rebecca stared the competition slowly as nerves took their toll. But as the rounds progressed she took her qualifying drives from 271 to 291 to 310 yards. Because of the early nerves Rebecca had to compete in a sudden death qualifying round, which she won by 3 yards with a 307 yard drive, securing a spot in the 3 way final shootout against 3 time World Champion Sandra Carlborg and 2013 Champion Heather LeMaster.

Up against two of the most experienced Long Drivers in the world, Rebecca pulled out her longest drive of the tournament with a 311 yard monster, but she couldn’t quite match LeMaster’s 318 and winner Carlborg’s 321 yard efforts.

Rebecca concluded, “What started as a bit of fun has turned into an incredible, life changing experience. Sandra and Heather are two fantastic competitors that the American Golf competition has given me an opportunity to take on. I just need to work on my Long Drive swing and I’ll hopefully come back next year to perform even better.”

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