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Beat the January blues

January 19, 2015
Top tips for beating the winter blues

Feeling down? We’re not surprised. Monday 19 January is set to be the most depressing day of the year. With cold weather, dark winter nights and the pressure of failing New Year’s resolutions, it’s no wonder many of us are struggling to get out of bed. But we’re not about to let January get the better of us! Bio-Kult’s nutritional therapist Natalie Lamb has some fab tips to help you beat the January blues in a healthy, natural way.

Top tips for beating the winter blues

  1. Eat right. Eating a wide variety of organic whole foods in warming soups and stews will help warm and nourish the body with a range of nutrients for optimal function of mind and body. My personal favourites are organic grass-fed meaty stews made with homemade stock and local seasonal vegetables.
  2. Balance your gut. Those with an imbalanced gut flora tend to experience more fatigue and low mood – healthy digestive function, absorption of nutrients and removal of waste could just make you feel more energised and positive. Try to consume foods or multi-strain probiotic such as Bio-Kult daily to restore the balance.
  3. Regulate your sugar. Try to steer clear of the ebbs and flows of high sugar energy bursts and subsequent dips – keep the refined carbohydrates and simple sugars to a minimum. These are also ideal food sources for unwanted bacteria and yeast in the gut that generally cause us more bloating and sluggishness.
  4. Mindfulness. Mindfully maintaining a general feeling of wellness and contentment, without indulging in thoughts about cold weather could help us beat those January blues! Instead try starting the morning by thinking of one thing you are grateful for today and let all other thoughts just float on by.
  5. Get your rest. A good night’s sleep is imperative for essential rest and rejuvenation. Our bodies work best when we keep our daily routine to a regular circadian rhythm and avoid stimulants late at night – our best sleep is said to be between 10pm and 6am.

For more information on Bio-Kult visit www.bio-kult.com.

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