28 November 2021

Nice Bristols Blog: On the telly!

April 14, 2014

In our last blog we spoke about our efforts to promote Nice Bristols in order to spark interest in our Road to Worlds and our achievements as female athletes. We have increased our online presence, upped our social media activity and garnered support from organisations such as Sportsister, Garmin and our sponsors, Aeolus Power.

We have appeared in our local paper, The Bristol Post, and it has always been our intention to court local news and radio, but in February one very unexpected avenue of publicity announced itself in one of our player’s inboxes;


“Sorry to bother you – I work on The One Show and we recently received an email from your mum telling us about your team”!

That email would result in a very memorable team road trip to BBC Broadcasting House in London and a fairly bizarre turn on national television!

Whether we would actually appear on the magazine show remained in question practically until we arrived at the studio, due to the unpredictable nature of live television. The addition of a bus driver with an aversion to satnav and a bus engine that cut out on the motorway, made it doubtful if we’d even make it that far!

However, the engine re-started, Maria commandeered the satnav, and we arrived at the BBC.


We gaped in wonder at the hallowed walls but time for wonderment was short.  We were introduced to various members of the production team and straight away began to discuss our role on the evening’s show, which was still undecided. Captain Jen Hart took control of the situation and dismissed suggestions of trick shots and diving catches onto crash mats.

She insisted that our sport be represented in its true light and that we be taken seriously as athletes!

We were then introduced to presenters Matt Baker and Alex Jones who were both very friendly. Alex had some decent catches, even in 4-inch stilettos, and Matt was extremely enthusiastic, as the camera operator discovered, when he flung the disc into her view finder, breaking it off and hitting her in the head!

She was mostly unhurt and the camera still worked so we finished filming and soon it was time to go live!


We waited in the wings of the studio as the show opened with our pre-recorded segment.  The orange Frisbee was thrown by Nice Bristols and then flew through the BBC, being thrown between presenters of different shows. There were one-handed grabs from Jeremy Vine and Fiona Bruce before it came back to Matt Baker who threw it on the roof! A decent start!

The hour-long show cut between live interviews and pre-recorded reports and then it was our moment. Outside the studio in the floodlit piazza, the team lined up opposite each other and began passing discs back and forth as Alex Jones and guest, Ruby Wax, walked down between them!

The pair made it through uninjured (thanks to the accuracy of our passes) and conducted a short interview with Captain Jen Hart and Emily Arnold.  We then attempted to pass on some throwing skills to Ruby Wax but she was more intent on trying to hit Alex Jones!  Luckily she missed every time.


Eventually our time on the One Show came to and end and after getting some photographs and signed discs we made our way home to Bristol, with the sound of Facebook notifications ringing in our ears! Our interview didn’t go into great depth and we weren’t able to convey the magnitude of our achievement or our fundraising efforts, but Ultimate Frisbee was spoken about on national television and some amateur international female athletes were given five minutes of fame.

We have now raised over half of our fundraising target but time is running out on our campaign and we still need help. If you would like to support some minor celebrities on their Road to Worlds please go to http://igg.me/at/nicebristols2014

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