11 May 2021

Readers Blog: Running from Namibia to Mozambique

February 20, 2014

After my return from running the Freedom Trail in 2011 (1425miles across South Africa), I swore I would never do anything like that again, and that it was time to settle down and behave! This notion lasted for a short time but then…Emma-Timmis

In spring 2013, my good friend Aysha asked if I would be interested in doing a similar, but longer, run to raise money for a charity which she is involved with. I agreed thinking nothing would come of it. Oops. I am now currently training to run from Namibia to Mozambique as part of Head Over Heels 2014 and we plan to set off in August this year. This exact route has never been run before but we estimate it’s approximately 4500km.

The more I learn about these countries, the landscape and the people the more excited I become. This journey is definitely becoming more about helping people we meet on route, getting involved in the charities we are raising money for and exploring the countries, rather than the physical challenge.


Of course this is going to be a demanding physical endeavour as well. I’m currently working on increasing my running mileage, getting out on trails more and improving my overall strength and fitness. On this run I will have a team to support me throughout which hopefully means I’ll be able to get more miles run per day as we can share out the general daily jobs.

On the other hand this means I need to be careful that I don’t get myself injured or push myself too hard. This run is going to be a huge challenge for all involved both physically and emotionally. Each country is going to be throwing different obstacles our way, weather, terrain, access, animals etc etc.  The charities we are raising for do such incredible work and are a real inspiration, so hopefully we will have time to see their work first hand.  I feel very lucky to have a great team with me and I can’t wait to get out there and start the run.

Check back later in the year for an update on how the project is going, and take a look at the website if you want to find out more about the trip!

Emma Timmis, Sportsister
The Women’s Sports Magazine

About Emma: In 2011 Emma was the first female to run from Durban to Cape Town along a route called the Freedom Trail, which is a route used for a mountain bike race. She was the second person to ever run it, the first being the guy that founded the bike race while trying to plan the route!  The run took 57 days’ running, which equated to a marathon a day on average, with no support other than her brother beside her on a mountain bike. Emma has been running since she was 12 but considers herself more of a lover of the outdoors than a runner.

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