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Swimming: Jessica-Jane Applegate to compete against able-bodied swimmers

March 20, 2013
Swimming: Jessica-Jane Applegate to compete against able-bodied swimmers

After taking four golds last week at the British Gas International in Leeds, Jessica-Jane Applegate will aim to compete among able-bodied swimmers in 2013.

The 16-year-old paralympian is a standout competitor in the S14 category at the moment. For this reason, both Jessica-Jane and her coach Alex Pinniger have set her harder goals to complete in 2013.

Pinniger explains, “we’ve set goals this year around able-bodied swimmers”

“The goals are to achieve a top-20 finish at the able-bodied youth nationals.”

Jessica-Jane’s progress has been rapid after her surprise win in the London 2012 Paralympics and she has also claimed British records across a number of distances in freestyle, backstroke and butterfly. Following on from this, she collected an MBE this week for her efforts in the Paralympics.

Her aims are now to qualify for the national youth championships this summer and the International Paralympic Committee World Championships.

Jessica-Jane’s progress has been supported by a funding increase after her success in the Paralympics. Within the last 18 months she has managed to break 80 British records which has helped her step up from developmental to a world-class athlete.

Katie Draper, Sportsister

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