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Stand Up Paddleboard fitness

March 28, 2012
Stand Up Paddleboard fitness

In the last few years the Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) scene has exploded in the UK. Now the latest addition is the introduction of SUP Fitness classes, which are already a big hit in the US.

The benefits of Stand-up paddle boarding (SUPing) are huge – already the fastest growing watersport around, its versatility means that there is something for everyone – whether it’s a gentle tranquil paddle along the river or ripping it up on the sea.

You can read more about the sport here – with our getting started tips.

Whatever way you use a stand up paddle board, it’s provides a great all over workout – whether it be a gentle river cruise, a fast paced sprint or using it to catch some waves.

So while SUPing is already known for the overall benefits it can provide, when it is combined with some traditional exercises the results can be amazing.

Already a massive hit in the States now us British can also have a go at SUP Fitness.

So what is SUP fitness?

In a SUP Fitness class you perform different movements and exercises on a SUP board. SUP Fitness has great results as you are on an unstable platform so you increase the intensity of every exercise you do; whether it be a press up or a more gentle downward dog Yoga position, the options are endless.

Exercises can be designed to meet any goal from improving your general fitness to more specific, targeted strength gaining goals.

What’s great about SUP fitness is that you’re out on the water, at one with the ocean (or lake!) and really making the most of the great outdoors.

SUPing is a great tool for increasing your core stability, strength and flexibility; it will also help with functional aspects such as balance, co-ordination and proprioception – all things that come in useful on a daily basis. And it’s a fantastic stress reliever too!

What’s more its very sociable – you get to chat as you ponder down the river or whilst waiting for that wave and can meet new people as you work out at the SUP class.

The SUPing community is definitely on the rise, so it’s a great time for you to get involved.

Have a go!

Why not have a go yourself? Lagoon Fitness, the UK’s first company to offer SUP Fitness classes in the UK, is offering a ladies SUP and fitness taster day on the Sunday 20 May. A perfect opportunity to try a new and exciting way to keep fit!

For only £10 for half a day’s fun you can receive a SUP lesson and take part in various fitness sessions (both on water and on land), with a fun race and prizes at the end of the day.

There is also the option of a BBQ for a little extra cost.


We’ve teamed up with Lagoon Fitness to offer a months SUP and fitness membership at the Lagoon Fitness gym in Brighton.

Not only this, but they are also giving all you lucky readers a 10 per cent discount on all their SUP Fitness classes throughout April and May so there really is no excuse in having a go!

Just head to our competition page for more info!

More info: www.lagoon.co.uk/lagoon-fitness-Brighton

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