06 December 2021

Mountain girl blog: Morning above the mist

February 1, 2012

You know how it is, the alarm clock goes and you don’t hear it. And then it goes again and somewhere in the deep recesses of your mind, a connection is made.It’s time to get up.

When my incredibly annoying alarm went off yesterday I had every intention of going skiing, was anticipating a bluebird day and getting the first lift up the mountain. Instead I finally awoke to visibility that stretched as far as my nose and let’s just say I’m no Barry Manilow. Thick. Fog.

It would have been so easy just to go back to bed or to have chosen to take this rather substandard weather as an indication that I really should stay home and do my tax return. But regular readers of this blog may have picked up that I don’t really go for the ‘easy’ option so in the words of my most disliked band The Beautiful South – I carried on regardless…

As is very often the case in the mountains and in life, the most difficult decisions are very often handsomely rewarded. And almost always when you are least expecting it. So when the Tete des Saix chairlift soared out of the freezing fog and into the glorious bright blue sky beyond, I thanked my lucky stars and my alarm clock. It was going to be a good morning.

Thanks to my Go-Pro Hero HD Camera for this little film!

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