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Sports massage and its benefits

April 26, 2011

It’s almost summer; a time to revitalise, challenge and achieve your goals whilst maintaining a healthy state of wellbeing. This may come as a challenge in itself if you are a mum looking after the kids, whether you are working hard to allow a great break away or undertaking a quest of a fitness related goal in a demanding situation. Whatever your priority may be, sports massage can aid you in achieving what is important to you in your active lifestyle and with this article I will show you why and where to find a great sports massage therapist.

sports-massageWhat is sports massage?

Sports massage is a vigorous type of massage targeting the myofascia (myo = muscle, fascia = connective tissue) using multiple techniques which are aimed at assisting movement throughout the body before, during and after activity. It can be used as a form of pre-rehab, enhances performance and also aids recovery of strains and sprains.

How does it work?

The mechanical pumping action of the massage strokes increase circulation which improves the removal of metabolic waste from the area whist supplying essential nutrients, for this reason muscle pain and fatigue are reduced.

A great therapist will recognise muscle imbalances within your body due to lifestyle, training and/or injuries and work to relieve and readdress these, allowing for a comfortable range of motion through the joints in your body allowing them to work together to bring about great posture.

If your posture is great and you move well you will notice an improvement in your training which will allow you to action your adventure time – be that playing with the kids, competing in an event or quest or getting beach fit for your summer holiday.

When would be best to have a sports massage?

Pre-Event – Should you be competing in any one of the great events over the summer season, a pre-event massage is a great way to relax and prepare mentally for it so that you engage at your desired level during the event.

Post-Event – After performing at your best your muscles will often ache; you have DOMS – Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. Sports massage after the event will aid circulation and remove all waste products allowing you a speedy recovery so you don’t have to walk around like ‘John Wayne’ for days afterwards!

Recovery/Rehabilitation – If you find yourself in the situation that you have a strain, sprain or other bodily aches and pains due to lifestyle, accidents or injuries sports massage is one answer. It’s widely accepted that sports massage helps to reduce swelling, increase circulation to the area, breakdown adhesions and scar tissue all of which add to a super quick recovery time.

‘MOT’ Time – When you are active and persistently take part in exercise your body is placed under stress which commonly is repetitive, for example running or cycling. This repetitive stress can cause muscle imbalances throughout your body, which if left alone may do anything from reducing your effectiveness whilst exercising to causing injuries.

Allow yourself an ‘MOT’ type sports massage to ensure consistent, successful training especially at times when you are increasing your activity levels for example when getting your beautiful beach body ready!

Where to find a great sports massage therapist?

Word of mouth is the best way to find a fantastic and effective sports massage therapist in your area who has a proven track record for success – speak to a Coach at your Health Club, Running Club, Climbing Centre etc and they will be able to direct you to a trusted Therapist. The Sports Massage Association (http://www.thesma.org/) provides a directory of accredited Therapists in your area and is therefore another great source of qualified Therapists able to individually tailor your massage to your needs.

How much will it cost?

Sports massage will range from £30 to £45 per hour dependant on your area and the number of qualifications that your massage therapist has achieved. Each therapist will have his or her own way of treating so the best way for you to see if your therapist will suit you and your needs is to book a consultation. Many will provide a consultation and first session at a discounted rate.

Camilla Ayrton, Sportsister
The Women’s Sports Magazine

Camilla is an expert in movement; providing fun training online and in person in Bristol as well as being a qualified Personal Trainer, Sports Massage Therapist and Nutritional Advisor so if you have any specific questions relating to this article and how to revitalise, enjoy, achieve and challenge yourself whilst maintaining health contact Camilla@reachtofitness.co.uk

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