23 October 2020
  • Cycletta start
    Macmillan Cycletta: How to train and prepare for the 20-25km (12-15m) event

    The main reason that Sportsister is so excited to be partnering with Macmillan Cycletta is that the event really is aimed at all levels of cyclists. At both events (Tatton Park and Woburn Abbey) the shortest distances...

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  • Sprint triathlon training plan
    Training: triathlon training plan (Sprint distance)

    Doing your first triathlon this summer? Read on for our downloadable eight week training plan for a fit first-timer.

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  • 1 The Finish
    How to improve your indoor rowing technique

    Indoor rowing is an effective way to work out as it uses large muscle groups simultaneously, burning calories at low and high intensities. This low impact exercise is also great for improving cardiovascular health and fitness.

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  • Tri-adventure-anchor
    Training: Six-week tri-adventure training plan

    Fancy a new challenge for 2013? Then why not take a look at the Tri-Adventure series of events that incorporate off-road running, mountain biking and navigation. Not only do they test your fitness, but they also give...

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  • Athletics: Brits shine at Crystal Palace

    Despite late withdrawals of world class athletes such as Asafa Powell, the weekend’s action packed London Grand Prix did not disappoint.

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  • 10km-training-plan
    10km run training plan

    Here is the Sportsister 10km downloadable training programme written exclusively by running coach and author Sarah Russell, to help get you round your first 10km in just 8 weeks.

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  • How-to-be-a-better-swimmer
    How to be a better swimmer

    Swimming offers a whole body workout, exercising almost every muscle we have. Follow Sportsister's downloadable training plan to improve your swimming.

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  • Sportsister’s training plans

    Follow Sportsister’s training plans to help you achieve your goals, whether it be a 5km run or a triathlon.

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  • half-marathon-training
    Training plan and tips for your first half marathon

    The half marathon is a perfect distance for any new runner as it's long enough to provide a really challenging goal. Follow Sportsister's 12 week plan to get you over the finishing line.

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