23 March 2017
  • Aubergine-Fetta-Fritters-edited
    Recipe: Aubergine and Feta Fritters

    These delicious, crispy fritters are lovely served with a simple green salad for a light meal. The feta cheese adds a great saltiness to the dish and the spring onion adds a subtle bite. You could make...

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  • LentilStuffedPeppers
    Recipe: Lentil-stuffed peppers

    There’s no tastier way to obtain all your daily vitamin C quota than this super-easy dish. It uses Romano peppers because their thinner flesh means they cook quicker than ordinary peppers, but both work equally well. Here,...

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    Recipe: Leek and spelt risotto

    Leeks are an easy way to add flavour, texture and colour to a host of dishes. From soups and casseroles to quiches and this great risotto recipe that uses pearled spelt in place of risotto rice.

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  • pipandnutballs
    Pip and Nut Cacao & Peanut Butter Protein Ball Recipe

    Regular readers will know that we are big fans of Pip and Nut nut butters, so with London Marathon training well underway we’re testing out this natural energy ball recipe at the weekend. We’ll be posting images...

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  • savoy-cabbage-leek-walnut-risotto-edited
    Good Hemp Oil, Leek, Cabbage and Walnut Risotto

    Just one serving of this risotto will give you 94% of your daily recommended Omega 3. Plus it’s packed full og healthy greens and has the added twist of crunchy walnuts. Here’s to a healthy and nutritious...

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  • lentil-pasta
    Recipe: Green Lentil Penne with Goats Cheese Sauce

    Green lentil penne pasta offers an alternative to traditional pasta, it contains 13g of protein and a healthy low saturated fat content. Plus it is packed with vitamins and minerals and is organic and gluten-free. Pair it...

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  • 322-6-choc-avo-cake-2-w870h245
    Recover and Refuel recipe: Chocolate Avocado Cake

    Effective recovery after workouts is the absolute key to successful training. One of our go-to recipe books is Go Faster Food by Kate Percy, her recovery recipes contain the perfect ratio of fast-release carbohydrates and protein to...

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  • red-lentil-penne
    Recipe: Red Lentil Penne with Gorgonzola Sauce, Walnut, Apple and Mint

    With the smooth texture of flour pasta and the benefits of lentils, Red Lentil Penne makes a great alternative for easy weekday suppers. Comprised of only two ingredients, this pasta is packed with 11g of protein and...

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  • blackberry-compote-with-quinoa-porridge
    Recipe: Blackberry Compote with Quinoa Porridge

    Blackberries are brimming with flavonoids, a type of antioxidant that gives the skin its colour and a handful of provide half an adult’s RDA of manganese, necessary for bone development and nutrient absorption. It’s peak season, so...

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  • mackerel-and-beetroot-salad-square-2
    Recipe: Ellie Simmonds mackerel and beetroot salad

    As one of our most successful swimmers, Ellie Simmonds knows a thing or two about eating well. This mackerel salad is rich in omega 3 oils which provide a range of essential oils to boost health and...

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