21 February 2020
  • The-Plank
    Core strength – why it is so important, plus key exercises

    Core strength – it’s a bit of a buzz phrase at the moment, but what does it mean and how does it affect our overall fitness?

    • Posted 4 years ago
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  • liz-yelling-adidas-5k
    Liz Yelling’s 5km run tips

    It's the first race that many women will ever enter and often leaves you hooked on the running bug. Here double Olympian Liz Yelling shares her top tips for those of you who are training for a...

    • Posted 11 years ago
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  • Birds On Bikes cycling group

    Be inspired by one group of Sportsister readers who go by the name of Birds on Bikes and head out rain or shine for a fix of night-time riding.

    • Posted 12 years ago
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  • training-plan-5km
    Sportsister training plan: 5 km run

    New to running? A complete beginner? This training plan can be used by anyone and will easily prepare a beginner to bounce victoriously over a 5km finishing line in just 10 weeks.

    • Posted 12 years ago
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