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Virgin Money London Marathon: Tips for the last months training

March 22, 2017

With just over four weeks to go until the Virgin Money London Marathon, we’ve got some tips from James Trevorrow at Virgin Active on how to approach the last month.


When should I do my final long run?

“Your last long run or marathon ‘rehearsal’ should be about 3-4 weeks before the marathon and you should be aiming for around an 18-22 mile run. Then to ‘get going’ during the last three weeks, you should opt for shorter, more intense 20-35min workouts such as classes like Grid at Virgin Active Health Clubs, or a short track session.

 Any top tips for the last month of training?

“The main thing we recommend in the last month before the marathon is to stay injury free and focus on your race preparation. Quality over quantity is recommended at this stage. Avoid trying anything new – by the time of the race, you’ll have a tried and tested training programme, including the preparation to manage a long run, so stick to what works best for you.

It’s also worth treating yourself to a Sports Massage at somewhere like Virgin Active’s Beyond Movement – they work as a great injury prevention tool for runners and help to increase circulation and improve performance.

Don’t forget hydration and nutrition – think about your water strategy for the race and don’t start to use energy gels if you haven’t up until this point in your training. There are water stations at each mile on the Marathon course. Above all, rest, recover and look forward to what is going to be a fantastic achievement in your life.”


How do I mentally prepare for the marathon in the final few weeks?

“At this point it’s often an exciting, nervy time and questions like ‘am I doing enough’, ‘am I doing too much’, will pop into your head on a regular basis. So a lot of psychological considerations come in to play at this stage as well as those of a physical nature.

When it comes to the day of the race, many people can become daunted by the scale of the task ahead of them. So, try to focus on what you’ve achieved so far in your training and all the successes you will have had along the way.

When it gets tough on the day, give yourself an external reason to finish the race – if you’re running for a charity, think of all the people who are willing you on to raise money for them or if you’re running it for your own personal challenge, think of someone close to you who will be there to cheer for you at the finish line.”

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The Virgin Money London Marathon takes place April 23 – more details: virginmoneylondonmarathon.com

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