03 December 2022

Sports Nutrition: Study shows Raisins are better than sports gels or bars

March 17, 2017

Did you know that raisins are a better alternative to many sports food such as gels, energy bars and sports chews? Studies conducted with adult athletes and endurance cyclists showed that eating raisins during sport is more beneficial to other manufactured sports foods.
A study done on endurance trained cyclists has proven raisins have similar performance effects to commercial sports gel products but are a better alternative because they provide micronutrients, an acid-neutralising load to the kidneys and are a more cost effective and convenient food for use during exercise.

A further study with athletes who were given raisins, sports chews and water whilst doing an 80-minute treadmill run followed by a 5km timed trail, achieved similar performance results yet it was concluded that raisins provide a nutrient dense, all natural carbohydrate source which contains more vitamins and minerals overall.

7 reasons why athletes should snack on California Raisins:

1.   California raisins are small and pocket sized
2.   They are a healthier, yet satisfying sweet alternative to an energy bar
3.   They are cheaper than manufactured energy bars, sports gels and chews
4.   California raisins are totally natural and unprocessed
5.   They are a source of fibre and contain a variety of different vitamins and minerals including potassium and iron
6.   California raisins are a natural source of energy with a medium glycaemic index, meaning they release their energy more slowly than many processed foods
7.   A handful (30g) counts as one of your 5-a-day

Find out more about California raisins and recipes here: californiaraisins.co.uk

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