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Bout Day Breakfasts from the London Rollergirls

March 10, 2017

Eating properly for a sport that requires so much physically, is something the London Rollergirls talk a lot about across the league. So, team mate Brat Wurst asked her team mates what is on the menu for their next game on March 11th.
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Roller derby is a high-impact, full-contact sport played on quad roller skates. A bout at home for London Rollergirls involves setting up a bootcamp hosted by our All Star team, London Brawling, at a sports centre in Tottenham followed by two games by our All Star Reserves and the stellar C Team. The day starts early with setting up the hall, prepping skaters, demonstrating skills and ends some 12 hours later after two hour-long bouts and a lot of track building, crowd-warming and high energy excitement.

Amongst us we have vegans, die-hard meat eaters, physios and personal trainers who all have an opinion about how to eat a meal that will pack the biggest punch on the track. Here’s what my team mates had to say on the matter:

Lil’ Bow Creep (London Brawling)
I try to always stick to the same food on game day – I found a routine that works for me and this gives me peace of mind that I will have enough energy for the day and it’s one last thing to think/worry about before a big game.


I usually have eggs for breakfast – but a late breakfast to last me until later in the day.  Definitely 2 eggs, usually fried but if I don’t have time for it, I’ll hard boil it. On toast and if I can, I’ll add Avo.  Sounds basic but it does the trick.  If I don’t have eggs available, I’ll have oats with blueberries and banana. I feel this keeps me full and gives me the energy I need to get me through the day.

I have about 2 cups of black coffee before I leave the house. This is essential to my day.  I’ll try to have 1 more cup during the day if time allows for it. (not to close to the game, as early as possible once I get to the venue).


In addition to this, I have lots and lots of water the days before the game (I aim for 2 litres a day). On game day, I make sure I am hydrated but try not to over do it pre-game (so not more than 1 litre).

The rest of the day, I have bananas and a light but filling lunch about 2-3 hours before the game. Usually something like a small chicken wrap or falafel salad with hummus.  If in doubt, I have another banana (or 2).

Kid Block (London Brawling / Team England)

Breakfast is my most favourite meal of the day without a doubt, so on game day I take it to the extreme.  I start with coffee (all the coffee) and porridge with some kind of fruit and usually a bit of Nutella.  Then second course will be some more fruit and possibly a protein shake (depending how hungry I am), followed by my ‘main’ breakfast which will consist of a combination of eggs, avocado, sweet potatoes (or wholegrain muffins), spinach, bacon, peppers, mushrooms.


This will be spaced throughout the morning, so in between I’ll be prepping for the day… showering/stretching/packing my bag etc.  I don’t like to eat much too close to the game, so I make sure I eat a lot in the morning to compensate.  Then I’ll snack on trail bars and fruit between my breakfast and the game (depending on time of course). If the game is late I might have a chicken salad or a small portion of pasta.

Kid Block on Instagram

Katie Black (Captain, London Brawling)

Sometimes we have long training days at venues outside of London. This Saturday the England national squad trained from 12:30 – 16:30 at a venue that is three hours’ drive away. For me, this means breakfast on the road!

Overnight oats topped with loads of fruit, nuts and seeds is perfect for this: low in effort (you just need to remember to mix your oats and freeze a banana the night before) and high in satisfying, filling goodness. This is my go-to first breakfast for a long day of training, consumed three hours before the session begins. I often follow up with some fruit or a nakd bar, or something else to give me a quick energy boost right before training.


It’s not the prettiest breakfast when it’s in a Tupperware, but I love it. Two types of oats and chia seeds soak overnight in oak milk, then I add a chopped frozen banana, almonds, chopped dates, a few bits of granola, pumpkin seeds and a healthy slug of peanut butter on top. Yum.

Sheila Tekiler (Captain, Batter C Power)

I’m quite bad at breakfast generally. I either skip it or have it on the go – I’m the person walking to the tube station in the morning, toast in hand. Unfortunately, it also took me a while to realise that on game day, I had to do better, eat better. So I developed a ritual I try to stick to. If I can, as I’m not a big eater, I have several meals spaced out. I usually try to have porridge with boiled eggs or some other breakfast (omelette with tomatoes, peppers etc and toast) some 4-6hrs before the game with a smaller pasta meal 2-3hrs before the game.The porridge for the slow energy release with seasonal fruit alongside it or on it.


It really does set you up for the day! I always feel like I have that bit of extra energy, my mood is usually better, especially because I’m always involved in some game-day prep as well as sorting life things at home. It really is great!

Find out more about the London Rollergirls here: londonrollergirls.com
Next home bout is March 11: seetickets.com

Christina Dixon (aka Brat), London Rollergirls for Sportsister
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