15 April 2021

Sportsister tests Good Hemp milk and oil

January 11, 2017

Hemp products are set to be one of the key food trends in 2017. This age-old crop has recently been making a come-back due to its natural health benefits, environmental sustainability and versatility. Sportsister’s Rachel tested the milk and oil, find out what she thought!


Hemp Milk

Part of my morning routine, before training, is to have a nutritious smoothie full of essential fresh produce. I always blend vegetables (mainly greens, spinach or kale) with fresh fruit and non dairy milk. I have tried several different kinds of non dairy milks, so I was really interested to test Good Hemp.

For the first smoothie, I mixed spinach, strawberries, pineapple and banana with 250ml of Good Hemp milk. Made from Hemp seed, this portion size provides 50% of your recommended daily omega 3 intake. The shake was delicious and I much preferred it to the plain soya milk that I had been using.

Good Hemp milk comes in two versions – original which is slightly sweetened with grace juice or Good Hemp unsweetened, both of which taste good on their own. It also works well in tea or coffee, on cereal, in smoothies so if you suffer from allergies or are vegan it’s certainly one to try.

Hemp Oil

I use olive oil or rape seed oil a lot, in salad dressings, stir frying and for roast potatoes so I was curious to try the hemp oil as it is 40% less saturated than olive oil. This oil has a distinct nutty taste and issurprisingly light. If you do use oil for a lot of cooking and are looking for a healthy alternative this one could work, roast potatoes worked a treat and mixing with a little lemon juice and mustard made a glorious salad dressing.

So many people seem unaware of Hemp products, most of my friends only associate it with fabric or hand cream which is a shame because the benefits are huge and the taste great – I’m a convert.

Find out more here: goodhempfood.com

Rachel Butcher, Sportsister
The Women’s Sports Magazine


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