03 December 2022

Tried and tested: Hoka One One Clifton 3

January 6, 2017

You may not have heard of Hoka One One running shoes, but chances are you will do soon, because they are one of the fastest growing running brands around. Their roots are in the trail running world and they were originally developed for mountain races where they pretty quickly achieved cult status amongst the ultra running community. Now the range is extensive and includes road running shoes too, plus they are aimed at runners of all levels, so what did our recreational runner, Rachel, make of them?


“On first appearances I was apprehensive about whether I would like these. They look like trainers with a wedge heal. Having said that, they are extremely comfortable and I felt like they protected my feet well whatever speed I was running at. Most significant though is the great cushioning which relieves pressure on my feet – that is really important as I mainly run on the road.”


It’s certainly true that many runners find their appearance quite challenging – both from an aesthetic, as well as performance point of view. Now, aesthetics, is purely a matter of taste, but after years of being told that less is more, the obvious deep cushioned sole is a massive departure and probably the biggest hurdle to overcome. Not only does it look very different, but for anyone who bought into minimal running it’s confusing because the brand supports minimal running style – this is what it says in it’s marketing blurb:

HOKA ONE ONE has engineered a unique performance midsole geometry that features a higher volume, softer density, and greater rebounding foam than standard running shoes. Along with maximal cushioning, this provides runners of all types with an energizing, stable ride. HOKA ONE ONE understood from the beginning that natural foot motion was extremely important for uniformity of stride. HOKA ONE ONE incorporated minimum drop geometry along with a rolling rocker design to promote consistent rhythm in the runner’s foot strike.


Our tester Rachel found that the shoes style drew a lot of attention, “Lots of people commented on them, they stand out and look quite different to a standard running shoe so people notice that. In many ways they look ‘less serious’ and a bit child-like to people who see them for the first time. To be honest if they didn’t feel so good I wouldn’t feel that confident wearing them”

Ultimately, running shoes are down to personal choice and taste; these shoes have won several awards and legions of fans so they are definitely worth consideration.


Plus points:
– Great cushioning and support
– Really comfortable
– Strong technology story
– Legions of high profile and loyal fans
– Lots of colour choice and strong bright options

Minus points:
– Challenging style and look

Hoka One One Clifton 3
Price: 130 (approx £110)
More Info: hokaoneone.eu

Danielle Sellwood and Rachel Butcher, Sportsister
The Women’s Sports Magazine








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