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British Cycling ‘Ignite Your Coaching’ scheme seeks applicants

January 4, 2017

Within cycling women make up just one-fifth of the coaching workforce. Things are changing however, with a 70% increase in the number of trained female coaches in the sport since 2013.

There are some truly extraordinary women helping cycling to evolve through inspiring riders and inspiring change. In this video from British Cycling, we hear from Monica Eden, Junior Academy endurance coach for the Great Britain Cycling Team, who talks about what coaching has given her and the decisions she has made to keep developing.

As an extension of the #WeRide women’s strategy British Cycling want to elevate female coaches and do all they can to provide support within the sport they love. That means establishing solid support networks of coaches and experienced mentors working collaboratively in order to share knowledge and create opportunity.

If you are a qualified female coach – or currently in training – and committed to your coaching development, British Cycling call on you to ignite your coaching and apply to join the network. Click here to find out more.

British Cycling are also really interested in hearing from you if you qualified as a coach and have become inactive, as this is a great opportunity to re-ignite your talent.

If instead you feel that you would be able to share valuable experience and take on a leadership role, why not join as a mentor and push your own capabilities in search of a fair and pioneering coaching environment? Find out more here.

Applications are open and will be accepted until 27 January 2017.

Project background

The Ignite Your Coaching programme has been running as a pilot since April 2016 and through working with Women Ahead, British Cycling have been able to offer mentoring and leadership training to 15 matched pairs. Building upon this foundation, they now want to support even more relationships as they flourish and sustain themselves within cycling.

British Cycling are now able to offer a full delivery programme and look forward to enabling more women to explore this exciting and sustainable role as a career or rewarding voluntary role.

If you are not yet a qualified coach but are interested in the training, they still want to hear from you and can help you get started in gaining your qualification and hopefully invite you onto the programme.

Got questions?
If you’ve read through all of the supporting information and still have a query, take a look at the frequently asked questions. But if you’re still scratching your head, please get in touch.

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