07 December 2022

British Rowing launches Go Row Indoors

December 7, 2016

With a goal to double participation in indoor rowing in the next five years, British Rowing has launched ‘Go Row Indoor’ which will bring together industry partners and provide a collective voice and profile for the sport of indoor rowing that hasn’t previously existed.


Current plans for the launch of Go Row Indoor in 2017 include new class models for gym and studio, the appointment of Master Trainers, instructor training programmes, the development of online leagues, software partnerships, national and regional events and a consumer awareness campaign.

Helen Rowbotham of British Rowing said: “There are nine million gym members in the UK, the majority of whom walk past a rowing machine on a regular basis. If we can sell the benefits of indoor rowing to just a small percentage of this marketplace, and create an offer that appeals to them, we believe we can double the number of indoor rowers in the next five years – and create a generation of indoor rowers that feel connected to our sport.”

For more information about the initiative visit: www.britishrowing.org

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