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Rugby star, Elinor Snowsill, shares her favourite recipe

October 28, 2016

Ahead of the start of the international Rugby season, Wales international, Elinor Snowsill shares her nutrition tips and favourite recipe.


Despite her mother being a chef, Elinor didn’t take much interest in nutrition or eating well until she started training seriously. Then the penny dropped and she realised just how important it was to put good stuff inside her body – she could see first hand the difference it made. Inspired, she set about learning more and now runs Onest Food, delivering delicious, nutritious food in the Cardiff area and running health and nutrition workshops.

Elinors favourite and most popular recipe – the flategg – was inspired by watching her fellow players at breakfast on a training camp. The hotel offered a huge choice but the most popular option was the omelette stall, so she set about devising her own version.


The flategg, put simply, is a crepe-like omelette that is stuffed with delicious fillings like steak strips, caramalised onions and spinach, and served with a superfood salad.

To make the flategg:

  • Take one or two eggs and whisk till they are airy and light
  • Melt some coconut oil in a pan
  • Pour in the egg mixture making sure it fills the whole pan (like a pancake)
  • It should be thin and light, tip the frying pan to spread the mixture.
  • After one minute, add your topping in the middle third
  • Fold one end and the sides like a wrap and seal the filling, then serve


For the superfood salad, Elinor combines quinoa with cucumber, mango, sugar snap peas, pomegranite seeds and beetroot, then squeezes fresh orange over as the dressing.

“It’s really unnecessary to use highly calorific dressings, you just need something that has flavour to give a little kick, so fresh orange or lemon works really well’

If you’re tempted to give this a try then you can vary it using your favourite flavours – try some ham or avocado instead of steak for the flategg and test variations of the salad by mixing in chopped sweet potatoes, watercress or tomatoes.

More information:

Find out more about Onest food here
Look out for Elinor as Wales take on Scotland on Saturday 29 October (KO 12.00). Buy tickets here
Follow Elinor on Twitter: @elsnowsill

Danielle Sellwood, Sportsister
The Women’s Sports Magazine

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