23 March 2017

Tried and tested: Anna’s Legs, cycling tights

September 27, 2016

Anna’s legs is the brainchild of Anna Glowinski – Anna set up the AnaNichoola brand many years before the recent boom in women’s cycling, so she knows a thing or two about gear, fashion and what women want! Our newbie cyclist Hannah put the Mountain Sunset tights to the test.


I’ve never worn padded cycle gear before, but after a recent 30 mile ride with friends I was beginning to see the point of them! I’ve also recently commited to taking part in a triathlon next year, so this winter I’m aiming to get some miles in my legs – in short it’s time to take things a bit more seriously.

To be honest, not wearing padded shorts before was partly out of vanity – I had in my mind those traditional long shorts with a massive padded rear…not a look I fancy! So when I saw these super-cool tights by Anna’s Legs, I was sold. The design is on-trend, the padding is discreet and I love the detailing.


On the VeloVixen website (Anna’s Legs are exclusive to VeloVixen)  it explains the thinking behind the design and I love this, it really feels like Anna is speaking to me and explaining stuff. For example, ‘the chamois pad is designed to be in contact with your nether regions, wearing knickers will reduce the pad’s effectiveness and may lead to unwanted chafing from your knicker seams’. Time to ditch the underwear then!


Other details include the super high waistband (at the back), which is designed to protect from drafts, while the front is designed to avoid a muffin top – now I don’t have a muffin top problem, but I do hate anything digging in my stomach, so I love this detail. I also love the large zip picket that sits in the small of my back – perfect for my phone and keys!


These tights have completely changed my view of cycling gear (well tights at least), I feel excited to get training now – So Anna, when are the Arms being launched?

Anna’s Legs (Mountain Sunset)
Price: £105.00
Sizing: X-Small-X-Large
Buy: www.velovixen.com

Hannah Macaulay, Sportsister
The Women’s Sports Magazine








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