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Training: Swimming programmes and advice for all levels

August 31, 2016

Unless you are training specifically for swimming or are part of a club, the chances are when you go to the pool you just swim for a certain time or a set number of lengths. This is fine unless you want to train for something specfic or if you want a work on a particular area like endurance or flexibility.

Speedo has recognised this and launched ‘Swim Coach,’ a free digital coaching tool with over 200 workouts designed by Speedo athletes, coaches and collaborators to help you reach your fitness goals.

Aimed at swimmers of any level, whether you’re refining your stroke, training for a triathlon, or getting fit, Swim Coach focusses on your ability and individual end goal to find a training programme to suit you. The sessions are also split up into half hour sections, so if you want to train for 30, 60 or 90 minutes there’s a session plan for each.


Swim Coach is free and available on any device: desktop, laptops, tablets, and all smartphones, so it is accessible anywhere and does not require an application. You can download and print or save your programmes to take to the pool with you.

Alongside the programmes there are also tips and step-by-step instructions – we found it worthwhile to  take a good look around all the sections aimed at your ability to find all the tips first.

Sportsister note: The programme does assume you know about the different strokes and have some understanding of training terminology – so if like us you don’t understand it all then take a look at the great videos on YouTube here.

To go to Swim Coach: www.speedo.com/swimcoachUK

Danielle Sellwood, Sportsister
The Women’s Sports Magazine


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