07 July 2020

Sportsister tests: Fitbit Blaze

August 17, 2016

With so many people swearing by their Fitbits’, Sportsister was eager to find out if they really do live up to their reputation. Is it really a great tool for tracking activity and assisting in a healthy lifestyle? Rachel Butcher reports.


There are a few Fitbits’ out on the market at the moment, I tested the Fitbit Blaze. The Blaze has the look of an Apple Watch, really modern and sleak, although I prefer a bigger screen to the slimmer versions.

The Fitbit monitors your heartbeat constantly even when sleeping and this is the most fascinating tool (although sleeping with a watch on takes some getting used to!). It helps you work-out exactly which activities  generate a resting/fat burning/cardio or peak heart rate and therefore how many calories you used during that activity. Over the course of the day it’s really fascinating and slightly addictive.

I tested the Blaze over a couple of months for running, cycling, in the gym, home workouts and playing tennis. It’s a very handy tool for keeping accurate time, calories burned and your fitness level. It also has some exercises you can do within the product such as a 10 minute abs workout or a high intensity 7 minute work out – which I found really useful on busy days!


You do need to spend a little time on the techy side as you need to download the ‘fitbit app’ to sync your watch recordings to the main display. But once that’s done you can also join up with friends and challenge them to activities and daily steps which is fun!

The recommended amount of daily steps is 10,000 which I found hard to fulfil some days especially as I have a desk job, but you can also monitor other things such as diet and water intake which is useful.

For people wanting to lose weight it’s great as you can set yourself goals such as how much activity a week, calorie intake per week and your ultimate weight loss goal – there’s no hiding with the fitbit so it will help you be realsitic because the data is totally honest.

All in all I have found this a helpful product, it has also spurred my children on to looking at how many steps they do per day, which is a good habit to learn early in life.

On a techy note – the battery lasts a long time, about 3 days, which is great and it only takes an hour or so to recharge, so it’s better than most phones!

More information: www.fitbit.com
Price: £159.99

Rachel Butcher, Sportsister
The Women’s Sports Magazine






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