01 November 2020

Unite for Team Up

July 5, 2016


Things are on the UP for women’s sport as England Cricket, England Hockey and England Netball announce that they are to collaborate on a unique project over the next three years. The project launched at the end of June at the Hockey Champions Trophy where athletes and figureheads of the sport came together to speak about this new venture…

Sally Munday, England Hockey CEO, sees it as the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the current appetite and growing interest in women’s sport: ‘We all have a shared desire to see the growth of women’s sport in this country and to see more fans, more money, and more people playing our games. We’ve coalesced around three very clear aims: the first of those is to grow the revenue that comes into women’s sport, the second is to grow the fans and the third is that by 2019, we aim to have every school in the country where girls attend, playing one of our three sports on a regular basis.’

Charlotte Edwards, recently retired England cricket captain and double World Cup winner who played for her country for 21 years, talks about her involvement in cricket and the importance of building a legacy: ‘It all goes back to 1993 when England held the World Cup and that was the moment I was inspired to play. To watch Karen Smith lift the Cup then, and for me to do exactly the same all those years later will be moments I’ll never forget. You don’t realise at the time how much you’re inspiring the next generation of girls to play sport but I’ve seen the direct impact at school level. I know what a successful international team can do for girls who want to play the game and for me, in retirement it’s important to see the legacy I’ve left.’

England Netball and Superleague player Sasha Corbin tells us how instrumental playing the game at school was for her involvement in netball: ‘I didn’t ever see netball being played on TV when I was younger – my involvement was down to playing it in school and absolutely loving it. I had one teacher who said to me: ‘I think you have the talent to go forward’ and to see how far the game has come from that time, to watching it on TV is fantastic because there are so many young girls who want to take part. It’s a great opportunity to have these three sports come together and to try and make an impact.’


The basics:

Who? England Cricket (ECB) England Hockey and England Netball.

What? Team Up is a project that will run until the Netball World Cup in August 2019. However, the legacy of this collaboration will be seen for years to come.

When? As of 26 June 2016 these sports have Team(ed) Up! This a significant date as it is exactly one year to go until the start of the ICC Women’s World Cup in 2017.


Important dates:

ICC Women’s World Cup: 26 June-23 July 2017

Women’s Hockey World Cup: 7-21 July 2018

Netball World Cup: July 2019


Where? All across the country.

Why? These three sports will host World Cups in consecutive years on home soil. By working together the NGBs will be able to reach out to more people, players and fans than before.

How? England Cricket, England Hockey and England Netball are developing an affinity scheme in which schools can sign up to be a ‘Team Up school’. Through this scheme, you will be provided with support in the form of resources, training, as well as the chance to build up affinity points towards ‘golden ticket’ opportunities such as being ball girls for a World Cup Final!


Sign me up

Go to: www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/TeamUpSchool to get involved.



Sacha Shipway, Sportsister


The Women’s Sports Magazine


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