14 August 2022

Sportsister Loves: The Būband

May 19, 2016

The Būband is an athletic band that effectively prevents bounce. It claims to help you exercise longer, more comfortably and more intensely. Our tester Rachel put it through its paces,


The Būband is a pretty simple concept – a three-inch-wide (7.6 cm) elasticized band covered in soft, breathable fabric and fastened with three rows of hook and eye closures. It fits around at the top of your breasts to stop the uncomfortable big bounce many women suffer from when doing medium or high intensity activity.

I’ve tried many different sports bras and have still struggled to find one that is completely comfortable and held me in place. I am a 34DD and have had two children which means finding good support can be a struggle.


To start the Būband does feel a little strange and uncomfortable however I soon forgot I was wearing it and ran, jumped and played tennis whilst wearing it. Despite its simplicity, the Būband is effective, you can wear it with any other sports bra (soft, medium or firm support) and it really does do its job.

If like me you have a challenge finding supportive sports bras, this is definitely worth a try, I now wear a soft support sports bra with the Būband for maximum support.

Find out more: buband.ca

Rachel Butcher, Sportsister
The Women’s Sports Magazine

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