28 September 2020

#RoadToRio Videos: adidas #SpeedTakes

May 18, 2016

The build-up to the Rio olympics has well and truly begun, so it’s an exciting time for those of us that love it when a more diverse mix of sports get a taste of the spotlight. This latest campaign #SpeedTakes features some of our favourite athletes including cyclist Laura Trott, athlete Jess Ennis and swimmer Ellie Simmonds.

Ellie Simmonds burst on to the scene in Beijing when she was just 13. Training as a full-time athlete meant she missed out on the usual teenage experience. Eight years on, she still wants more. She’s still looking to be faster. Now more than ever she knows that speed takes sacrifice.

Laura Trott is a double Olympic champion, but she’s not finished. She wants to create a legacy and she’ll fight through the burn to do it. Flying round the track at 60kph, she knows #SpeedTakes pain.

Keep an eye on the adidas youtube channel for more videos

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