17 October 2019

Sportsister Loves: Knixwear athletic underwear

April 14, 2016

Sportsister loves a great pair of knickers, they are one of those items that you don’t really think about if they are good, but you really notice if they are not! Badly fitting, uncomfortable underwear can seriously affect how you perform and how you feel – we’ve all had those training sessions where we know we’ve made the wrong choice! The good news is that the perfect pants are out there – seamless and chafe free, no VPL and so comfy you’ll want to wear them all the time – Sportsister Loves Knixwear!


Knixwear are from Canada and the athletic range, Fitknix,  is made in collaboration with Lycra to provide a seamless garment that maximises comfort and movement as well as keeping you fresh and dry.

The range offers three styles, athletic boyshort, thong or bikini, we tried the athletic bikini (pictured above) for running, spinning, cycling and everyday wear too.

Our verdict? Honestly, they are great and deliver exactly what they aim to. If we could afford to, we’d have a pair for everyday of the week!


On top of all the comfort and great fit credentials, Knixwear also offers an leak resistant liner option. We’ve not seen this in athletic underwear before, but it’s a fantastic addition. The Fresh Fix technology provides permanent leak resistant, absorbent, moisture-wicking and odor killing technology. Great for light leaks, back up protection during your period or simply to keep you feeling fresh.

This is an area that has not been addressed before, but it’s brilliant – no more embarrasing leaks to deal with and no need for disposable panty-liners, not only saving you money…but helping the environment – genius!

The only tiny downside is that they cost more than the average pair of knickers, but then these are not average, so invest, you won’t regret it!

Knixwear are launching in the UK later this year, but if you can’t wait to try, then they will ship from the website.
Find out more here: www.knixwear.com

Danielle Sellwood, Sportsister
The Women’s Sports Magazine

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