28 September 2020

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March 15, 2016

This is a treat – In this series, six women from around the world tell the stories of how they came to excel at their sport – the obstacles, challenges, failures and triumphs along the way. Beware they will inspire!

Paralympian’s journey to pool victories


Disabled by polio at three years old, Trịnh Thị Bich Nhu was resigned to a sheltered life in a rural village in Vietnam – until she discovered swimming.

Now, through the sport she excels at, she has travelled the world, made friends, and achieved a life for herself that others never thought possible. Watch here

Indian gymnast’s dangerous leap for success


When Dipa Karmakar competed in her first gymnastics competition, she did so without shoes and borrowed an oversized, ill-fitting costume.

Humble beginnings in a sport that that has little financial backing in India mean her gymnastic achievements, the first Indian to medal at 2014 Commonwealth Games, are all the more remarkable. Watch here

The surfer who wouldn’t take no for an answer


Being the best female surfer in Brazil wasn’t enough to secure Silvana Lima the sponsorship she needed for her surfing career.

In an image-driven market, she wasn’t considered pretty enough to get full sponsorship for the first 13 years of her career.

Silvana refused to let that stop her. Watch here

The African American woman who wants to change the face of road cycling


For Ayesha McGowan, a road cyclist based in San Francisco, her goal goes beyond winning races.

She hopes to be the first African American professional female road cyclist and campaigns for the sport not to be “white” and “elitist”. Watch here

Egyptian mother’s discipline in sport and faith


Sport and religion often have an uneasy relationship.

Modern pentathlete Aya Medany has wrestled with the needs of her sport and requirements of her Muslim faith ever since the International Swimming Federation banned swimming bodysuits.

In a country that regards sport as a distraction for women, Aya campaigns and encourages more Muslim girls into sport. Watch here

Weightlifter’s journey from teenage mother to Olympic medallist


Weightlifting in all male environment from the age of 12 meant Yulia Kalina grew up quickly, perhaps too quickly.

By the age of 15 the young Ukrainian woman was a single mother.

Determined that motherhood would not prevent her from accomplishing her sporting dreams, now at 27 she has become one of the world’s best weightlifters. Watch here

Danielle Sellwood, Sportsister
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