26 November 2020

Tried and tested: Skins DNAmic

February 16, 2016

Training for a marathon can leave your legs feeling tired, sore and worn out. But with 26.2 miles to conquer, training must continue. Compression clothing can be a real savior, helping you to perform better for longer and, crucially, to recover faster.

This week I tested out some of SKINS’ new DNAmic range and, even having worn SKINS before, I was impressed with the upgrade.


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I tried the DNAmic long tights (£70), which are an instant standout as soon as you put them on and the DNAmic tank top (£40).

I tested the kit for comfort during a quick run around and some body weight exercises and it feels great; almost like a second skin with nothing digging in or chafing. This proved true of the tights on a longer training run and my legs felt noticeably less sore than usual.

Good points:

  • Kit feels great to wear.
  • Kit looks great, unusual and striking – wearable out and about.
  • Compression technology aids noticeable faster recovery.

Bad points:

  • The built in bra is designed for a medium intensity work0ut and for running I would prefer a high intensity support.

More Information:

Sizes: XS – XL
Buy: www.skins.net
Prices: The range retails between £35-£75

Stephanie Tait, Sportsister
The Women’s Sports Magazine

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