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Sportsister Loves: SASS intimate skincare

October 30, 2015

Intimate skincare is not something we’ve talked about much on Sportsister and yet for all of us, riding bikes, running and working out, there are times when we can get sore or suffer from chaffing.  So when I came across new brand SASS® I was intrigued, impressed and ultimately converted.


Most cyclists will be aware of products to help prevent saddle sores and chaffing, but for a newbie, it’s not always clear what to do with them – it’s like some unspoken secret that unless you’re in the know, then bascically you don’t know! Coupled with the fact that they are inevitably designed for and targeted at men, it’s no surprise that many women end up suffering in silence.

SASS have recognised the need for a better and more diverse range of products, and they are not just for cyclists either. Many women suffer from inner thigh chaffing, or kit that rubs and it’s especially an issue in endurance sports or events where sweat or water can exacerbate the problem –  I still bear the scars from a shorts label rubbing my skin raw during a really long canoe race years ago!


Alongside an effective protective barrier cream, SASS have created a general use intimate wash with the correct PH balance, as well as a recovery serum that will soothe, cool and moisturise your skin safely after exercise (these two products are my favourites). The bottom line is that harsh cleansing agents can irritate. Just think – if it’s not good to get it in your eyes, then it can’t be good to have it around your vagina either.

Most athletes will regularly shave, especially in sports like swimming and athletics where the kit is very minimal, but using regular shaving foams or shower gels to shave your bikini line can cause bacterial imbalances and irritation. SASS have created a Soothe and Smooth Shave Gel that is pH balanced to prevent irritation and crystal clear so you can shave precisely – it’s unique formula also helps protect against ingrown hairs and razor bumps.


I am about to embark on training for my first half Ironman, so I’m pretty sure I am going to be sincerely grateful for SASS, as was Helen Russell during her epic Tour De France ride this summer (read her blog here).

“After riding on average 110 miles a day for 21 days during the challenge I had a bit of soreness but noticeably less than lots of the other riders. I applied the Intimate Protection Barrier Cream each morning and it helped reduce the amount of chaffing from the cycling shorts. I also applied the Intimate Recovery Serum after each stage and again at night and it really soothed the irritated areas and seemed to help the skin heal.”

So, the good news is that SASS have genuinely come up with a great product here and I don’t say that lightly – I am not a big consumer of toiletries, but this product has a purpose and could very well mean that you get back out on your bike sooner, play better or have a much more comfortable run.

You’ll also be pleased to know that you don’t need to head to your local sports or cycle shop to discuss intimate skincare  – you can go online to: www.wearesass.com or search it out in larger branches of Boots, RRP: From £7.

Danielle Sellwood, Sportsister
The Women’s Sports Magazine

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