26 January 2021

Sportsister loves: Equinox + Laurie Nouchka – Limited edition leggings

October 21, 2015

Take a yoga class at Equinox Kensington and enjoy the views from the fifth floor windows, obscured only by the beautiful metalwork of Walter Gilbert. These decorative iron figures struck me during my first yoga class at Equinox, which made seeing them printed on Laurie Nouchka’s new leggings all the more exciting.


Inspired by urban architecture, artist Laurie creates limited edition drawings and paintings that lift her work off the canvas onto her uniquely designed range of contemporary sports-luxe wear. Sketches of iconic architecture from Sydney, Barcelona and London adorn her leggings, ensuring that you stand out as you strike a pose.

Laurie recently collaborated with Equinox to create the first ever exclusive legging print inspired by the interior of the club – meaning that you can now take the figures from the windows to your mat, wherever you practise. Last week Equinox held a yoga morning for the launch of Laurie’s latest collection.

Beginning with an energising class by Kathryn Fielding, we were then treated to a Q&A with Laurie over green juice and the healthiests of breakfasts in the club’s gorgeous café. I liked Laurie’s comparison of architecture to yoga poses – both the construction of shapes – and now the two can be united in classes around the world.


Laurie says: ‘Equinox’s High Street Kensington building is iconic with its 1930s period architecture and features Biba during the 70s, which made for huge inspiration in my approach to the print. The contemporary vision Equinox brings to the space combined with the features of this historic building made for an ideal collaboration.’

The collection is available to buy from www.laurienouchka.com and from The Shop at Equinox (RRP £110). They aren’t cheap but they are unique and limited edition – ideal if you are looking to stand out in your salutations and savasanas. I would bend over backwards to backbend in these!

Yoga is ideal cross training to running, cycling and team sports, as well as a way to balance out time spent behind a desk. Along with the physical benefits of improved flexibility, strength and balance I find the mental rewards of stress release, body awareness and improved mood make me truly revitalized.

For more information of what’s on offer at Equinox and to the check out the class schedule yourself, visit: www.equinox.com

Stephanie Tait, Sportsister
The Women’s Sports Magazine




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