07 December 2022

Event: Try adventure racing at Cardiff Burn

September 30, 2015

Looking for adventure? This could be perfect – a 10km run, 30km mountain bike orienteering and 3km kayaking makes this the ultimate fitness challenge. Bring a bike, a compass along with some map reading skills and some high energy snacks and take on the Burn in style! T-shirts for all finishers.


Run phase: The event begins with a flat 10km run around the parks and woodlands of Cardiff.

Cycling phase:  Don’t forget the orienteering map that you will be given at registration because on here features ten check points which you now need to find on your bike. It is up to you how many you visit. A penalty will be added to your time for any that you miss. You will be given check point descriptions also so once you are in the vicinity of the check point the description will help you find it. The surface is a mixture of hard and soft packed trails, 4×4 tracks and road. There is some steep climbing and descending. HELMETS MUST BE WARN.

Kayaking phase: To finish off you will take to the water on our sit-on-top kayaks (or your own kayak for some solos). This is a 1.5km out and back stretch of water on the River Taff. If there has been rain in the week leading up to the event, the flow can pick up and so the outward paddle will be against this flow but the return journey will be with the flow. With little or no rain, the flow is unnoticeable. If the rivers is above the landing platform at the club then it may be necessary to cancel the kayak section and instead you will do a further 5km run.

Bike Hire: If you do not have a bike, you will need to hire or borrow a bike from a friend. The following places hire bikes in South Wales. Drover CyclesSkyline cyclesAfan Valley bike hirePS CyclesBlack Mountain Activities. Please call them directly to make arrangements.

Click here for full details: www.burnseries.co.uk

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