08 April 2020

Cricket: Anya Shrubsole looks ahead to the Women’s Ashes

July 17, 2015

The Women’s Ashes starts next week in Taunton and England are hoping not only to retain them, but on the back of an increased interest in women’s sport, draw in new fans, as every ball of the series is shown live on Sky Sports. Sportsister’s Danielle spoke to Anya Shrubsole ahead of the series to get the inside scoop on the teams preparation.


“As a squad we are really excited and ready to get going – we’re hoping that the momentum from the women’s world cup means we will pick up some new fans too and we’re so excited that for the first time the entire series is being broadcast on Sky Sports.”

“It should be an amazing series and really close, we’ve always been on fairly equal terms with Australia and now with us being on full-time contracts, we will be even better prepared.”


“As a squad we spend two days a week, every week together up in Loughborough throughout the season and then we’re together full time in preparation for the Ashes. The past two weeks has mainly just been time for sharpening up and making sure we are all happy with our game.”

“There’ only so much training you can do, how we play a match is a different thing all together and we’re just really looking forward to getting started”

“The day before a match we’ll go to the ground and just get used to being in the space, we’ll go out and warm-up – I like to go and bat a bit, have a couple of bowls and then everyone just does what suits them individually. On the actual day I just go and kick a rugby ball around and have some fun – it helps to keep me relaxed. Then about an hour before we do a proper team warm-up before we start the match.”

“It’s a long series and there’s quite a long time between some of matches, but with it being here in England we can go home and re-charge for a while, which will be great.”

What to watch

“If you’ve never been to cricket before then the Twenty20 games are probably the best to come along to, they last only a few hours and are generally really dynamic and exciting – it’s all action.”

Growth of the game

“There are so many more young girls playing cricket now, it’s great to see and bodes well for the future of the team and the game generally. At my club in Bath, the game has just grown and grown, I’ll admit to being a bit biased but I think we’ve got one of the best programmes in the country.”

“We have training on a Friday night and it’s not uncommon to have upwards of 80 girls there, it’s great because it’s a really public space in the centre of town, so it’s really visible.”

“I don’t live in Bath anymore, but If I am around I love to go down there and help out and join in  – it’s great to see everyone having fun and enjoying themselves and who knows, one of them could be the next Charlotte Edwards!”

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Danielle Sellwood, Sportsister
The Women’s Sports Magazine


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