07 August 2020

Tried and Tested: Keen UNEEK Sandals

July 16, 2015

Now I don’t know about you but every time summer comes around it confuses me. The weather can be unpredictable, deciding where to go for your biking and climbing holiday is always tricky, and don’t get me started on the difficulty of choosing between a Solero or a Magnum on a hot afternoon…


These annual dilemmas are as predictable as rain at Wimbledon yet every year there is one particular issue which befuddles me more than most. The sun comes out, the temperatures get warmer and like clockwork it happens, I open my wardrobe and have a summer shoe meltdown.

The problem is that if you’re an active type, you need footwear to serve a whole host of purposes. If you’re going to the beach, camping, or climbing, you need shoes that are practical, lightweight, multi-functional, breathable, and more than anything else they need to make you look like you have at the very least, a slight modicum of style.

Until now the pickings have been slim and unattractive at best but with the launch of the UNEEK sandal from KEEN, times may have indeed changed. The UNEEK is the latest offering from the uber-cool Portland based outdoor footwear company with a social conscience. It definitely looks different (hence the name) but the UNEEK is an unbelievably comfortable and lightweight sandal ideal for wearing around the campsite, in a mountain hut, at the foot of the crag or down the beach. Available in a range of different colours for both men and women, the UNEEK looks set to become the summer shoe of choice for the global outdoor and adventure family.

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Good Points:

– Comfort and Innovation. The UNEEK is basically made of two cords and a sole – that’s it!
– Stylish and Fun. The UNEEK comes in 9 colourways, so there’s something for everyone.
– Durability. The shoe might look fun and funky, but it’s seriously rugged too.

Bad Points:

– Price. It’s hard to argue with any aspect of the UNEEK except for the price. A sandal that comes in at £89.99 is clearly an eye-watering concept but if you can suck it up, it’ll be worth it. This is after all more than just a sandal, it’s a technical bit of footwear. Plus the relatively high price point might put off the hordes meaning the UNEEKS should remain pretty unique!!

Sportsister grade: 5/5

Details: Keen UNEEK
Price: £89.99 (incl VAT)
Sizes: UK 3.5 – 8.5
Colours: 9 colour combinations
Buy: www.keenfootwear.com

Sophie Nicholson, Sportsister
The Women’s Sports Magazine

Read about Sophie’s adventures in the mountains in her regular blog: Mountain Girl

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