03 August 2020

Tried and tested: Shock Absorber Ultimate Body Support Tights

July 3, 2015

The height of the summer may not be the best time to test out full-length leggings, but these new Shock Absorber Ultimate Body Support tights are designed to reduce body bounce by 20% and I definitely felt that they reduced that jiggling feeling – which is good at any time of year!


I tested these tights during several runs and also at an all-day netball tournament and they performed brilliantly.

The tights use a supportmapping system that provides muscle compression to heighten energy supply to the muscles. Although this isn’t something that I could feel consciously, the tights felt very supportive and look flattering.

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Good Points:

–       Tights feel very supportive – the reduced bounce feels great.

–       Sleek fit and silhouette giving a flattering look.

–       The compression technology aids muscle recovery.

–       The price is great value for these tights.

Bad Points:

–       The waistband rolls over on itself sometimes, which requires adjusting.

More info
Colour: Black
Sizes: XS (8) – XL (16)
Cost: £55
Buy: www.lessbounce.com

Stephanie Tait, Sportsister
The Women’s Sports Magazine



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