01 November 2020

Natalie Tries: Ride at 1Rebel

February 12, 2015

Spinning. We all know the drill – 45 minutes of intense sweating and leg burning to some infuriatingly chirpy dance soundtrack. Whichever way you look at it; spinning is spinning. Or so I thought. 1Rebel have put an irresistibly imaginative twist onto the well-worn format – live music! Imagine riding to a fantastic, live jazz score mingled with bouncy drumbeats from infectiously enthusiastic musicians – this is the kind of spinning that will make you come back for more.


Having already tried the Reshape class at 1Rebel (a high-intensity interval class featuring treadmill work and weights) I knew to expect top levels of luxury from this swanky boutique gym. The changing rooms are styled to the max with Hollywood-dressing-room-style mirrors, exposed copper piping, heated tiled benches, rose gold lockers and more complimentary toiletries than you could possibly sneak into your gym bag. And the fitness studios are along the same lines.

The ride studio is enormous – row upon row of great-looking spinning bikes are packed into a dark room lit with a neon blue lighting, with 1Rebel projections flashing up on the walls. The instructor was in her usual place at the front, and that’s when I noticed the band. Two young guys; a percussionist and a saxophonist, who were loving the warm up music even more than we were.


It certainly felt slightly strange to have a live band stationed in front of us as we began a slow hill-climb to warm up our leg muscles – but they were brimming with energy and when they started playing it almost felt as though I had my own personal cheerleaders keeping me going. The music was incredible – freestyling over classic dance and RnB mixes, the percussion and saxophone rose and fell in the perfect places to keep your legs moving – I wasn’t thinking about how much my glutes were burning, I was too busy nodding along to the tunes.

The class itself was great – our instructor Melissa was the perfect balance of perky and motivating without being cringy, and I was particularly inspired by her little mantra of ‘Why are you here?’ – really made me reassess my motives and push myself just when I was beginning to slack.

From sprinting to dumbbell sessions to work our arms, backs and shoulders – this is really a full-body workout, which you don’t often get with spinning classes. At 45-minutes it’s just long enough to make you feel like you’ve worked really hard without completely taking over your evening.

Top Tip: Make sure you arrive with a good ten minutes to spare if it’s your first time – you’ll need to find your bike and then work out how to use it. I arrived with minutes to spare and it wasn’t hugely clear how to adjust your bike.

Newbies can try their first session completely free of charge! Then single sessions are £25, or if you buy in bulk it gets cheaper – 10 sessions cost £200.


Get the Kit
I tried out the brand new Moving Comfort kit during my Ride session – the Infiniti Capri Pants were perfect for spinning. The compression fabric helped aid recovery after my muscles took a battering and I love the design.


My favourite has to be the Switch It Up Racer. With reversible patterns it’s basically like having two really cute sports tops – perfect for low-impact exercise. I went for the stripes this time because I’m a sucker for neon yellow.

Get the kit here: www.movingcomfort.com

Natalie Morris, Sportsister
The Women’s Sport Magazine

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