26 November 2020

Natalie Tries: Reshape at 1Rebel

January 29, 2015

1Rebel is the latest boutique gym to launch in central London, and with glamorous styling and a unique pay-as-you-train system, 1Rebel is aiming to revolutionise the way Londoners work out.


Offering Ride (intense spinning classes with live-music experiences available) and Reshape (a high intensity interval training class) as the two core classes, 1Rebel is aimed at busy, professional individuals who need to fit their training in alongside their careers and social lives – 1Rebel is the gym for people who don’t have time for the gym.

With classes at 45 minutes or 30 minutes, it’s perfect to fit in a morning session before heading to the office or popping out for a quick lunchtime session. The plush changing rooms (all heated benches, exposed copper piping and ultra-modern lighting) has everything you need to be in and out with minimal fuss. With heated towels, chilled face-clothes, deodorant, razors, cleanser, moisturiser and even Smints offered as standard, you can rock up with nothing but your trainers and still be office-ready in a matter of minutes.


The Class
Reshape is a classic model of HIIT, alternating quick bursts of intensity on the treadmills with weights and body conditioning work on the floor. When you book you are allocated your own treadmill and your own specially designed weights bench with attached dumbbells and secret compartments for weighted medicine balls – so you don’t have to waste time traipsing to the weights rack every time you change exercises.

With music pumping and dark, intense lighting, you will find yourself getting in the zone incredibly quickly. Half of the class started on the treadmills where we powered out four minutes of interval sprints, gradually upping our incline and pushing our speed to the limit.

Panting and sweating we swapped to work on our benches where we were confronted with lunges, squats and a whole host of glute-burning moves. Then it was back to the treadmill. This routine was militantly executed for the entire session, with every exercise timed to minute perfection to ensure that we got the most out of our session.


With press-ups, core work, hill-sprints and the dreaded burpees – we were wrecked at the end of the session. ‘If your legs aren’t shaking then you haven’t worked hard enough!’ Our lycra-clad instructor screamed into her microphone as we warmed down. My trembling quads said it all.

There were a few teething problems – which is inevitable in their opening week. At one point we were asked to switch our treadmills to Dynamic mode, meaning that we power them with our own legwork… like a hamster wheel. Unfortunately most of the class had no idea how to do this and spend a good few minutes staring blankly at each other. But we’re sure that these communication issues will get ironed out as the weeks go by!

At £25 per session 1Rebel isn’t cheap – but you don’t have to sign your life away in an expensive contract, so the flexibility is really what you are paying for. If you opt for a lunchtime session, the class is 15 minutes shorter but you get a free lunch included at the heavenly Roots & Bulbs café!

For more details visit: www.1rebel.co.uk

Natalie Morris, Sportsister
The Women’s Sport Magazine

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