28 November 2021

Skiing: Etherington quits due to lack of NGB support

November 19, 2014

Jade Etherington has told the BBC that she has quit skiing after she received ‘no support’ from the national governing body.


Etherington, who has a visual impairment won four medals at Sochi 2014, but announced her retirement earlier this month.

“If there was support there – be it coach or management – then it definitely would have changed my decision,” Etherington told BBC Sport.

“It was very difficult after the Games,” added Etherington, “I didn’t even have a phone call saying what was going to happen and didn’t know my coach had left.

“For me it’s about the quality of my life.

UK Sport have rewarded BDST with £2.7m in funding as a result of the Sochi team success, however this financial support only came into effect at the beginning of last month, with the Paralympic head coach Tony McAllister and performance director, Andrew Lockerbie, both having departed over the summer.

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