22 September 2019

Three Girls, Three Boats the Ultimate Atlantic Challenge

November 11, 2014

Becky Scott, Nikki Curwen, Lizzy Foreman are three female sailors set to take on their greatest sailing challenge yet; in September 2015 when they will each set out to sail across the Atlantic in a 6.5 meter boat in a Race called the Mini Transat.

Nikki Curwen

The boat, a Mini 6.50 is one of the smallest ocean racing yachts and the Mini Transat race has a reputation for being one of the most extreme transatlantic races due to the small size of the boats, the distance, and the limited technology that is permitted. Navigation is done by paper charts and a basic GPS, laptops, phones and means to external communication are not permitted.

Becky Scott

It challenges competitors’ bodies to the extreme, both physically and mentally; a mix of sleep deprivation, mental and physical exhaustion is endured, whilst competitors are crucially planning the best tactical decisions in order to win. The race requires skill and experience but also a lot of determination.

Becky Scott

The race takes part over two legs and up to 80 competitors will take part. The first leg is from France to Lanzarote and will take around 10 days and the second leg is to Guadeloupe and will take around 20 days.

Left: Nikki Curwen. Right: Lizzy Foreman

While racing competitors are only able to sleep for up to 20 minutes at a time, the survive on freeze-dried food and their only means of communications is a VHF Radio, which only enables them to speak to their closest competitors. The race will push competitors both mentally and physically to their limits as they try and cross the line first.

Lizzy Foreman

It is traditionally a male, French dominated race so to have three British Girls set to take part in the next edition of the race which starts in September 2015 is pretty unique.

Find out more about the three intrepid sailors here:
Becky Scott
Web: www.beckyscottracing.com
Twitter: Scott_Becky

Nikki Curwen
Web: www.nikkicurwen.com
Twitter: nyx88

Lizzy Foreman
Web: www.lizzyracing.com
Twitter: lizzyTwigs

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