06 July 2020

Sportsister loves: The Slideshow Magazine

October 28, 2014

We love it when someone has the imagination and passion to start up their own project aimed at celebrating women’s sport, after all that’s what Sportsister was seven years ago. So we were super-excited to come across the Slideshow magazine. It’s free, it’s cool and it’s stylish – what’s not to like?


Whether you live by the sea and surf regularly, or like the rest of us only get in the water a few times a year the Slideshow mag has something for you. Set up by editor Gemma Chalmers the magazine aims not only to inspire but also to push against surfing stereotypes.


In their words, The Slideshow intends to give something new to female surfers who don’t get caught up with the commercial surfing hype. For those of us that spend most of our days surfing COLD WATER – IN WETSUITS, rather than bikinis, surf in CHALLENGING AND INCONSISTANT CONDITIONS and when our BUSY LIVES permit!

OK that’s us then!


With articles on travel, surf culture and environmental issues plus loads of fantastic images, it’s a great little fix for us city dwellers. We just can’t believe we haven’t found it before!


Slideshow magazine is now firmly placed in our favourites folder and as I write I am mulling over when I can next feasibly get in the water… see…it works – inspiration!

Get reading: theslideshowmag.wordpress.com

Danielle Sellwood, Sportsister
The Women’s Sports Magazine

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