06 July 2020

10 reasons to fall head over heels in love with surfing this summer!

May 28, 2014

Chances are that learning to surf is on your bucket list, it was on mine for 10 years before I plucked up the courage to give it a try .. I really don’t want anyone else to wait as long as me, so I’m kicking off my new Sportsister blog with my top 10 super persuasive reasons to let surfing capture your heart this summer, I hope you enjoy:


1. Surfing really is for anyone! Don’t be intimidated by the ‘cool dude’ propaganda; girls, guys, young, old, fit or unfit .. we might not all be able to deliver the same smooth moves but we all experience that same magical feeling that keeps us coming back for more.

2. Surfing is played on all weather pitch!* Its not ideal but even if it is chucking it down with rain you can still go surfing, after all, you’re going to get wet anyway! (*excluding the extremes of raging stormy seas and high pressure flat spells)


3. Its non-competitive – unless you have your sights set on the ASP World Tour that is! Surfing is all about you and the ocean and the only person you really have to challenge is yourself.

4. Surfing is secret exercise, so secret you won’t even know you are doing it.. but your arms will be aching like crazy the next day. The myth of the lazy surf bum is exactly that, a myth.. surfers are some of the healthiest people I know, who wants a killer hangover when the best waves of the day are at 6am.

5. Say hello to your inner geek Sportsisters. We are not just learning to physically ride a wave here, surfing is going to change the way you perceive our beautiful coastline forever; bring on the tide charts, maps and swell reports!


7.  Standing up is not the be all and end all .. wave riding comes in all shapes and forms these days from knee boarders to Stand Up Paddleboarders  .. there is some comedy rivalry between everyone but lets remember we are all just propelling ourselves forward on moving water for fun!

8. You don’t need lots of expensive equipment. If you are surfing in the UK you will need a wetsuit, give it a go in a tropical country and swimwear, sunblock and a lycra rashguard will suffice. A surfboard is not cheap, but until you know you are going to be doing this forever you can rent a board for £20 per day or less.

9. Are your friends coupled up or working too hard to make plans?  Learn to surf and you will meet a new global community of people who like to get out and do things with their time off just like you. As a surfer you are going to find kindred spirits wherever you go.


10. Hello wanderlust .. yes thats you watching the Roxy pro in your lunchbreak and fantasising about a longboarding trip to California.  If you don’t already have a healthy travel bug then surfing will definitely give you one!

Warning .. I’m going to get a little bit hippy now. Surfing is all about harnessing the energy of the wave, becoming a part of it.  If you need to ease off the throttle of life a little then surfing really is the answer.  Waiting for waves, sharing them with strangers and friends, connecting with the ocean, all of this reminds us to be patient and enjoy the quiet moments in between .. peace out Sportsisters, see you in the waves!


Kate  Czuczman, Sportsister
The Women’s Sports Magazine

About Kate: Kate left her city office for one at the beach and hasn’t looked back since, founding her surf travel business Surf Sistas and working as a freelance photographer. This blog is a regular salt water fix for SportSister readers in which Kate hopes to de-mystify the sport of surfing and maybe even encourage you to give it a go. Hop in her board bag and lets go search for the perfect wave ..



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