22 March 2017

Tried and tested: Tribesports cycle jersey

April 1, 2014

We love testing new gear and for us it doesn’t matter a jot of the item is from a big brand or not – it’s all about the quality, performance and style for us. So we were intrigued when Tribesports the community/social media website sent us a cycle top to test…


So what’s a community site doing producing sportswear and why? Well according to the brand ‘all of the Tribesports Performance products have been designed and created with the input of our 200,000+ strong global community of sportspeople‘. Gosh that’s some design team and we can’t help wondering if 200,000 really did get involved and why the garment doesn’t therefore look more crazy.

Aside from the community design angle, Tribesports promote the fact that there are No physical stores. No pro endorsements. No TV and Billboard campaigns. We only sell through our website and we celebrate real sportspeople like you rather than paying pro athletes to wear our sportswear. Well apart from the semi-suggestion that pro-athletes are not real…It’s a nice angle to use what we would term as, ‘recreational’ athletes as your models.

Finally Tribesports claim that the products offer a saving of up-to 40% compared to the same quality products from other leading sports brands. Which of course is open to analysis depending on where you shop! But hey, the top is good – well made, classically designed and has some good details – so now it’s just down to personal taste!

Good points:
– Lovely fabric. Very soft, comfortable and wicks away the sweat well.
– Good price point for the amount of detail
– Sizing is true to size, our top is large but the tester medium (she prefers not to wear skin-tight gear)
– Interesting concept – perfect for fans of community projects

Bad points:
– Although the fabric is lovely, it’s also quite light for a cycling top and more suited to warm days.
– The team Tribesports generic design won’t appeal to everyone… but that’s just a taste issue.

From a design point of view the Tribesports cycle jersey is not especially ground-breaking, but it does a good job at a very competitive price-point. In a world of super-expensive luxury cycling brands this top certainly offers great value for money and it’s community design ethos will appeal to those who like to be part of the crowd rather than stand-out from it. 4.5 out of 5

Buy: tribesports.com/shop

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