22 November 2019

Kickstart a healthy new you with KickSister Taekwondo

March 25, 2014

We’re always looking for different, fun ways to keep fit and active here at Sportsister, and this new offering from British Taekwondo sounds right up our street. Designed to improve your confidence  and your health and fitness, Kicksister is an exciting new programme designed just for women.



The 12-week programme provides an extensive cardio workout that also tones the lower body and core. It combines co-ordination and flexibility as well as an awareness of self-defence.

There is also the chance to progress to yellow belt level and join your local club – making it a really non-intimidating way to make that transition.

More info: To find out if KickSister is running at a club near you, contact: kicksister@britishtaekwondo.org.

You can also follow KickSister on Twitter  and Facebook.


KickSister is jointly funded by British Taekwondo and Sport England and the initiative encourages women to lead a  more active lifestyle through the art of Taekwondo.

Beth Shine, Sportsister
The Women’s Sport Magazine


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