05 July 2022

Event: Tough Mudder…in a wheelchair?

September 13, 2013

Over a breezy weekend in Yorkshire, around 13,000 brave Mudders descended upon the usually peaceful Broughton Hall Estate in Yorkshire to take on the fourth UK Tough Mudder of 2013 – the military style obstacle course.


Over the past four weeks the Broughton Hall Estate in Skipton, Yorkshire has been transformed into a muddy haven, as the nineteen treacherous Tough Mudder obstacles including course staples Arctic Enema, Kiss of Mud, Everest and Electroshock Therapy were erected. In the ultimate test of fitness, endurance, mental strength and camaraderie, participants were then challenged to navigate their way around the gruelling 12-mile course.


With the mixed weather conditions adding to the tonnes of tough mud, Mudders – donning a variety of outfits including leopard print leotards and superhero costumes – negotiated muddy trenches, waist-high lakes, ice-cold water and claustrophobic tunnels. And if that wasn’t enough, Mudders were presented with 10,000 volts of ‘Electroshock Therapy’ before crossing the finishing line and earning their pint and coveted orange Tough Mudder headband.


Tough Mudder history was also made as Nikki Emerson became the first person to complete a Tough Mudder course in a wheelchair in Europe. Nikki, along with a team of friends, took on the hilly course in a specially modified chair, conquering the infamous obstacles with the grit and determination that Mudders have become known for.

John Fidoe, European Marketing Director said ”It was a great weekend with the Mudders showing their usual fantastic spirit over a tough Yorkshire course. We’re delighted to have played a part in Tough Mudder history with Nikki’s amazing achievement becoming the first person in Europe to complete Tough Mudder in a wheelchair. Team work and challenging yourself is what the event is all about and Nikki and her team have shown today that anything is possible.”


It is not too late for participants to register for the final two UK 2013 events. Those who think they are tough enough to meet the challenge can sign up for the South West (21/22nd Sept) and/or North West (5/6th Oct) along with pre-registration for 2014 at: toughmudder.co.uk

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