13 July 2020

Golf: Beatriz Recari inspires the next generation

September 9, 2013

Sportsister spoke to Solheim Cup winner Beatriz Recari about her role as a mentor and how she is inspiring the next generation of golfers at the 2013 Allianz Golf Camp.


Did you go on golf camps as a youngster?
Yes, I got involved with golf camps through my father when I was growing up, he was
very supportive once I realized I loved the game. He signed me up for
a Junior Camp at the local club in Pamplona, Spain…and then it was hard for me to ever put down a golf club!

What would a typical day be like for the young golfers in the
They will go through all the different shots like putting, chipping,
bunker, pitching and long game. Instructors will teach you the
importance of a proper warm-up session and many of the basics of the
game, depending on your skill level. They will also play on the course
and participate in fun golf games with others at the camp. It is a
great way to learn the essentials of golf but also make friends!

How long do the mentors work with the players? Is there any help
after the camps?
There will be both group and individual instruction each day with all
of the players, and if there is interest in personal instruction
following completion of the day, you can contact the camp to set up
individual lessons afterwards!

Why are mentors important in helping young golfers? Did you ever
have a mentor?
Mentors are important in the game of golf to not only teach you how to
play and handle yourself on a golf course, but also because it is the
most honourable game on the planet! You can take life lessons from the
game of golf on how to treat others and react to certain situations
where you might find yourself in life.

I didn’t have a specific mentor growing up, but what was most important for me is that my
family and friends supported me every step of the way. My success on
the golf course would not have been possible without the support from
my teammates, family, friends and my coach.

Do you feel a pressure of responsibility being a role model?
I don’t feel pressure being a role model, but I try my best to
motivate and help young players when I get the chance. I am lucky in
the fact that I play a game that I love and have the opportunity to
share that passion with children and supporters of women’s golf all
over the world. I hope I can inspire others to take up the game and
act in a similar fashion on the golf course!

Are there more young girls getting into golf?
There is interest, but there could always be more. I do see more
and more young girls out following us every week. Being an
international player in a global game where we play in all parts of
the world, it is fascinating to see how different cultures react to
the game. I think the LPGA and LET have done a great job in trying to
bring more young girls to the game and am proud to be a part of it!

What one piece of advice would you give to an aspiring golfer?
My main advice is simple: Have lots of fun, work hard to be the best
you possibly can be through playing and practicing, and most
importantly, enjoy every second!

Lizzie Flint, Sportsister
The Women’s Sport Magazine

Solheim Cup winner Beatriz Recari was speaking ahead of
the 2013 Allianz Golf Camp. A new mentoring scheme giving young
golfers around the world the chance to take part in a special 5-day
golf camp at St Andrews Links and celebrate the power of mentoring in
golf. The camp will take place at the ‘Home of Golf’ in Scotland from
September 14-18, 2013.

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