22 September 2019

Video: Nike ‘Just Do It’ campaign celebrates 25 years

August 21, 2013

It’s an astonishing 25 years since Nike first launched it’s ‘Just Do It’ campaign, so to celebrate the brand have (today) launched a global advert featuring Serena Williams, LeBron James and Gerard Pique.

The new ad campaign titled “Possibilities” inspires viewers to push their limits and strive to reach new goals, alongside an all-star cast of athletes and guest stars.

And the inspirational message doesn’t end when the film is complete, “Possibilities” seeks to inspire everyone in their personal achievements through Nike+ and the Nike+ Running app.

Challenges featured on the Nike+ Running app enable runners to set a distance goal, invite Nike+ friends to join and race to the virtual finish line. Plus runners can stay motivated by checking the live leaderboard to track progress and see where they rank amongst their friends.

From 20th August – 13th September, runners using the Nike+ Running app can log their Nike+ miles towards winning a once-in-lifetime running experience, as part of Nike’s crowd-sourced Free Run concept. And throughout September there will also be a series of Challenges as Nike look to make September the most active month ever.

Sportsister, The Women’s Sports Magazine

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