07 March 2021

Diving: Tonia Couch and Sarah Barrow win silver

June 21, 2013

GB divers Tonia Couch and Sarah Barrow secured the silver medal at the European Diving Championships yesterday in Germany.

sarah-barrowThe Plymouth based pair won gold at last year’s European Diving Championships and led for the first two rounds this year.

But it was the Russians who won with 315.66 points to Couch and Barrow’s 306.24.

“We’re disappointed with the third dive, that’s pretty much my fault,” said Barrow (pictured on the right), who was fourth in the individual 10m platform final on Wednesday.

“We’re training together all the time though now and we’re getting better I think, we just need to work on a few individual dives a little more.”

Couch (pictured on the left) added, “We did a really good first two dives and then our optionals need a bit more attention, but it’s not our time to peak yet, that’s at the World Championships.”

The World Championships is in four weeks time held in Barcelona.

Lizzie Flint, Sportsister
The Women’s Sports Magazine

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